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South Bend, Indiana


•Are you having the same argument over and over? 

• Do you feel resentful or hopeless in your relationship?

• Do you feel like roommates?

•Are you considering separation or divorce?

•Has there been an affair or other betrayal of trust? 

•Are you wishing sex was different, better or more frequent? 

•Is communication difficult or even impossible?

Accelerated Couples Therapy is an alternative approach to couples therapy for those who are ready to dive deep and experience meaningful and lasting change in their relationship.


Options are available for one-day and two-day sessions. Couples traveling from out of town are invited to create a customized schedule that works around their itinerary. We are now offering Notre Dame Home Game sessions!

How is Accelerated Therapy Different?

Accelerated Couples Therapy (sometimes referred to as "intensive couples therapy") is an immersive experience. Longer session times allow couples to establish re-connection and stay in that connection for several hours. This renewed bond will create a foundation for working together in therapy to sort out longstanding frustrations and unmet needs & desires. Couples often leave feeling more deeply connected and bonded to their partner. 

Is Accelerated Couples Therapy Right for Us?

Accelerated Couples Therapy is a customized therapy experience. This means that it works for just about any concern you might have. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of an Accelerated session is that you have your therapist's uninterrupted time and attention for several consecutive hours. This allows your therapist to identify a plan of action that makes sense for your relationship. During an Accelerated Couples Therapy session you will learn skills that are tailored to your exact needs and will work alongside your therapist as you practice these skills with your partner.  

Meet the therapists

Meet the Therapists

Elly Wnia, LCSW and Danika Lowry, LCSW both have established private therapy practices in South Bend. Elly and Danika share a mutual passion for helping couples heal their relationships and spend the majority of their clinical time working with couples. In 2018 they began working together to create an immersive therapy experience that would allow couples to rediscover their connection and gain tools to make lasting changes in their relationship.
While longer sessions may seem intimidating we often hear couples say, "this went by so fast". Our goal in working with all couples is to help create a different kind of space than the one you are used to. Danika and Elly will guide your communication so that your time together is healing and not hurtful. They will foster a space where you can both feel heard, understood and, ultimately, more deeply connected. Being able to experience your relationship in this way for an extended period of time is what makes intensive therapy so beneficial. 
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One-day sessions are available on weekdays and . Session length is seven hours with a one hour break for lunch.

About to Kiss B&W

Two-day sessions are available on weekdays and are seven hours with a one hour break for lunch each day. 

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Notre Dame Home Game sessions are three hours on Friday and seven hours on Sunday with a one hour break for lunch.

*Elly Wynia only.

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